The PUMP Vision PV1 and PUMP Vision PV2 are 3.5” color touch screen 4-20 mA analog signal level controllers that bring municipal pump station features to commercial panel prices. These controllers are small and inexpensive, yet they provide all of the basic functions needed in a transducer based level controller including:

PUMP Vision™ PV1 Features

  • 1 Pump

  • FVNR, or RVSS

  • Fill or empty modes

  • Use configurable alarms

PUMP Vision™ PV2 Features

  • 2 Pump

  • FVNR, or RVSS

  • Sequencing, Duplex.

  • Fill or Empty Modes

  • Use configurable alarms

Both controllers can optionally include:

Communications. Modbus RTU, Modbus IP, Ethernet IP, BACnet, LonWorks, Metasys, and other BAS and SCADA protocols are supported, some are optional.

Internet. Remote access to screen controls with Internet connection.

The Main Dashboard provides a lot of information in one screen and in a very easy to understand format. Included on the screen is:

▪ Digital display of level
▪ Status inidicator for each pump
▪ Alarm status

A dashboard is provided for each pump, and includes:

▪ Status indicator
▪ Seal failure (moisture) alarm indicator
▪ Over-temperature alarm indicator
▪ Total run time and number of starts

A screen is provided for alternation setup.

▪ Pump 1 or Pump 2 constant lead
▪ Automatic—each pumping cycle
▪ Time Clock—changes duty pump each 24 hrs.

The PUMP Vision Universal Pump Controllers offer connection to almost any type of network and the Internet.  Remote control is available through PC, iPhone, or Android, and connection to our full SCADA Vision software or your own SCADA system or BMS is possible.

When connected to one of our MOTOR Vision motor monitoring options, the PUMP Vision controllers monitor all motor electrical conditions and is able to notify the station operator of impending problems.

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