There are many types of water and wastewater pumping applications and we have probably “seen it all”, however the majority of pump control panels fall into three categories; Level Control, Well Pumps, and Pressure Booster Systems and these are our primary specialties.  We have also developed “standard” solutions for other applications such as Process Cooling Water and Water Source Heat Pump systems.

Level Control

Our team has been designing and producing digital level controllers and smart float switch controllers for over 30 years.  We have produce  thousands of  lift station, sump pump, and level controllers, for applications in these markets and more:

▪ Commercial wastewater
▪ Municipal Sewage and Storm water Lift Stations
▪ Sump pumps
▪ Dewatering pumps
▪ Tank level control

Pressure Booster Systems

Water pressure booster systems are used in many types of water supply applications and our solutions provide our customers with every type of control, pump protection, communication, and energy efficiencies available today.  Our systems are used in any application needing constant pressure with variable flow and include:

▪ Building water supply
▪ Municipal water supply
▪ Irrigation
▪ Theme park water features
▪ Fountain control
▪ Process water systems

Well Pumps

A big part of our business is well pump controls and we have some unique  solutions that have been developed to handle severe applications and environments. Our well pump controls are used in these markets:

▪ Domestic water wells
▪ Municipal water wells
▪ State water wells
▪ Agricultural water wells
▪ De-watering

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