Designing solutions for your installation


Our team has been designing and producing digital level controllers and smart float switch controllers for nearly 40 years. We have produced many thousands of UL 508A and UL698A lift station, sump pump, and level controllers, for applications in these markets and more:

  • Commercial Wastewater
  • Municipal Sewage and Storm Water Lift Stations
  • Sump Pumps
  • Dewatering Pumps
  • Tank Level Control

To handle the many different requirements of the various pump system types, CM Controls has created our PUMP VisionTM Universal Pump Controller series of products that allow us to use the same products for any level control application.

And due to our vast experience in the pump control market, we have developed an extensive computerized library of our OEM engineered systems, including bill-of-materials, wiring diagrams, and layouts. These systems are priced with a computerized pricing program that enables us to provide a fast and accurate quotation, perfectly suited to your needs. The best possible systems for virtually any application are available using our “standards”. We offer our experience and guidance with your design needs to ensure that your finished level control system meets the project requirements.

Our Commercial Series control panels are the most standardized, due to the lower number of options available. By limiting the options, we are able to offer a very capable, industrial quality, level control at a great value and with quick delivery! And these panels still include either a “Smart” controller with Float Switch Failure technology, or a PUMP VisionTM PV1/PV2 controller with level transducer input and communication capabilities.

Our Commercial Series panels include:

  • UL Listed motor circuit protection
  • UL Listed environmental ratings
  • UL Listed control circuitry
  • “Smart” float switch controller with float failure detection, auto re-sequencing of the float functions, and alarm horn / indicator.
  • Intrinsically safe barrier options
  • Many alarm options

Color touch screen controller PUMP VisionTM PV1 (Simplex) & PV2 (Duplex) add more features, including:

  • Fault management
  • Building Automation System communication
  • Internet communication
  • Pump station RTU
  • Transducer level sensor

With our Municipal Series panels, just about anything is possible. Our estimators and engineers use a computerized pricing and design program to select nearly any combination of features to create a system that is perfectly suited to your needs.

Our Municipal Series panels include:

  • Main circuit protection
  • Transfer switches
  • Generator hookups
  • TVSS, GFI, Power Monitoring
  • VFD, RVSS, or FVNR
  • Service Equipment rating
  • UL Listed environmental ratings
  • 60 C degrees UL Type 3R VFD w/o AC
  • PUMP Vision Color touch screen controllers
  • Flow rate and total, with or without flowmeter
  • Data logging
  • Fault management
  • Building Automation System communication
  • Internet communication
  • Email and text message alarm notification
  • Pump station management and RTU
  • Any type of level sensor as primary control
  • Any type of level sensor as secondary control
  • Components per customer requirements


Water pressure booster systems are used in many types of water supply applications and our solutions provide our customers with every type of control, pump protection, communication, and energy efficiencies available today. Our systems are used in any application needing constant pressure with variable flow and include:

  • Building water supply
  • Municipal water supply
  • Irrigation
  • Fountain control
  • Process water systems


  • VFD or FVNR
  • UL Listed environmental ratings
  • Color touch screen controllers
  • Flow monitoring and logging
  • Data logging
  • Fault management
  • Building Automation System communication
  • Internet communication, email


Of course a big part of our business is well pump control and we have some unique solutions that have been developed to handle severe applications and environments.

Our well pump controls are used in domestic, municipal, state, and agricultural water wells.


  • Short circuit protection with SCCR to user specification
  • VFD, RVSS, or FVNR starters to 600HP 480V
  • UL Listed environmental ratings
  • 60 C degree rated UL Type 3R w/o A/C is possible
  • Filter differential pressure monitoring
  • Building Automation System communication
  • Data logging
  • Fault management
  • SCADA communication
  • Internet communication
  • Email and remote access


Process cooling water systems are mainly water pressure booster systems with controls added for heat exchangers, valves, return water tank level control, temperature control valves, and other process functions.


  • VFD Booster Pumps
  • UL Listed environmental ratings
  • Color touch screen controllers
  • Data logging
  • Fault management
  • Building Automation System communication

Certifications and Memberships

California Motor Controls is a market leading designer of superior motor control solutions. We are active members of CSiA and UL certified.

Enclosed Industrial Control Panels

Standard for Industrial Control Panels Relating to Hazardous (Classified) Locations

UL NNNY Listed Class 1 DIV 1 & 2 type
(Explosion Proof) panels with either explosion proof rated enclosures, or with the “purgedair” method