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As a UL Panel Shop with many years to build our excellent reputation, CM Controls has had the opportunity to build electrical and pump control panels for a variety of industries applications such as commercial and municipal lift stations, agricultural and domestic water wells, water pressure booster systems, environmental cleanup, boiler/chiller pumps, and many more. Whether specifications call for one of our standard OEM products or a customized application, we at CM Controls pride ourselves on providing our customers with premium service, quality product, and innovative technology at a cost-effective price.

OEM Services

Due to the many thousands of pump control systems that CM Controls produces, it is impractical to have different application programs in our level controllers for each system we shipped. We realized that we could best serve our needs to streamline the design and build process, and our user’s needs by providing a standardized product to reduce or virtually eliminate down time, by creating a “Universal Pump Controller”.

Our PUMP VisionTM products have been created to fill that need.

Engineering Services

Custom Control Panels are a large part of our business. Whether we build to our clients’ specification or our clients choose to rely on our many years of experience to design a system especially for them, the process is very easy. We engineer every system using a combination of the latest version of AutoCAD and EPLAN Pro Panel to create a wiring schematic and full scale layout, allowing us to re-create virtually identical systems in the future.

Manufacturing UL Listed Panels

Our panel factory is authorized by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) procedures to label our control panels delivered to locations in the United States and Canada with a cUL 508A Industrial Control Panel listing, or a cUL 698A listing (relating to hazardous locations with intrinsically safe circuit extensions).

We also can design and build UL Listed Class 1 DIV 1 & 2 type (Explosion Proof) panels with either explosion proof rated enclosures, or with the “purged-air” method. To increase our quality and consistency, CM Controls is investing heavily in automating our manufacturing processes utilizing the Rittal EPLAN panel design system and manufacturing machinery. The EPLAN system provides start-to-finish panel design and manufacturing tools that minimize mistakes and maximize production efficiency.

PLC Services

While our PUMP Vision products handle the vast majority of our control needs, some of our clients, or some specific projects require a certain PLC, usually to match existing equipment in their system. Our PLC programming staff has experience in programming the numerous brands of PLCs and HMI software that we maintain current system integrator licenses with including:

  • Allen-Bradley
  • Schneider (Telemecanique, Modicon, Wonderware)
  • Siemens
  • … and others

Field Services

We have a staff of trained field service technicians who are capable of providing expert startup service on our control panels, as well as perform field modifications and service on installed control systems. Because our service techs are experienced panel assemblers, wiremen, and are test bench experienced, they provide the most professionally consistent and reliable results possible.

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