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PUMP Vision PV600

With our new PUMP Vision PV600 Universal Pump Controller, we have combined these three applications into one easy to use, cost effective controller without compromising features or functions.

PV600 Brochure (.pdf)

PUMP Vision PV1200

The PUMP Vision PV1200 has all of the features of the PUMP Vision PV600 & more in a easy-to-use 12” digital touch screen. With more space, the large screen enables clearer menus and graphical data presentation.

PV1200 Brochure (.pdf)

For many years CM Controls has been producing digital touch screen pump controllers for the three largest water/wastewater pump applications – Level control, Pressure Booster control, and Well Pump control. In the past, these controllers have always been separate products, making continuous software development costly.

With our new PUMP Vision PV600 and PV1200 Universal Pump Controllers, we have combined these three applications into an easy to use, cost effective controller, without compromising features or functions. The PV600 and PV1200 can both be configured for Level, Pressure, or Well, and in all modes share many of the same features. All modes share the same Pump Dashboards, data logs, and offer full pump station management including PUMP Vision pump control, MOTOR Vision motor monitoring, and SCADA Vision communication capability.

Pump Station Manager – The PUMP Vision PV600 and PV1200 Universal Pump Controllers can operate just about any lift station application known and with MOTOR Vision installed, they closely monitor power conditions of the motors and preempt failures by alerting maintenance personnel of impending problems.  With its built in communication and email capabilities, and the ability to monitor pump station peripherals such as intrusion, generator status, and more, the PUMP Vision PV600 and PV1200 can each fill the task of complete Pump Station Manager.

The PUMP Vision  controllers can be configured to work all level sensors, including 4-20 mA submersible transducers, ultrasonic, radar, ‘bubbler’, standard float switches, and even ten segment probes.  For redundancy, a total of and two level sensing systems and two backup float switches can be connected.

Pressure Booster Controller – The PUMP Vision PV600 and PV1200 Universal Pump Controllers are designed to provide a constant pressure with variable flow conditions and have been applied in thousands of water pressure booster applications.  By incorporating all of the latest energy saving technologies, such as variable speed drives, sensor-less no flow shutdown, and seamless sequencing of multiple pumps, the PV600 and PV1200 are each capable of providing solid performance under extreme swings in operating conditions.

The PV600 and PV1200 can both stage pumps on and off when the pressure drops, the flow increases, the VFD(s) speed reaches a preset speed, or combinations of these sensor inputs by simply selecting the choice for each stage.  Slave and Standby modes add more options making virtually any staging need possible.

Well Pump Controller – The PUMP Vision PV600 and PV1200 Universal Controllers bring all of the operation and protection capabilities typically reserved for municipal pump stations to the agricultural and domestic well market that has historically had “bare bones” controls at remote installations and no communication to the outside world.

We now offer a cost effective monitoring and control solution available for well pumps too!

  • 1 to 4 pumps – 8 pumps in cascade mode (two controllers connected by CANbus)
  • VFD, FVNR, or RVSS – With or without Modbus connection
  • Sequencing – Simplex, duplex, triplex, quadraplex.  Two and more pumps can run in jockey pump or peak pump mode.  Four pumps can run in ‘dual-duplex’ mode.  Alternation modes included automatic (pump cycle), time clock, least hours, manual lead selector.
  • VFDs supported through Modbus – Schneider, Allen-Bradley, ABB, Danfoss, Westinghouse, Trane, and more. Non supported VFDs can be hard-wired into AIO and DIO.
  • Alarm Agent – In each mode there are up to 11 system alarms.  With the optional input expansion module, 9 additional user defined alarms are provided to trigger all alarm indication, logging and emails necessary for a complete station solution. Timing functions – Start delay, stop delay, minimum run, maximum run, time clock run, exercise, periodic pump down, maintenance, VFD end cycle flush, purge cycle, and more.
  • Trending – All process points (level, pressure, VFD speed, flow, etc.) can be viewed with onscreen graphs.  Data is logged every second and can be retained for over five years on an SD card and viewed on screen or PC.
  • Fault Logging – All station faults, run start and stop times and durations, all VFD/RVSS vaults are logged with specific fault condition, all MOTOR Vision faults, and daily, weekly and monthly flow logs are all stored to on board flash memory and to SD card with up to 63 months of retained flow data and indefinite alarm data. The alarm report files are automatically emailed in .csv format to enabled email recipients.
  • Flow Logging – With a flow meter connected, daily, weekly and monthly flow logs are all stored to on board flash memory and to SD card The daily total is logged in up to 63 monthly .csv files, the weekly and monthly totals are in their own eternal logs.  The flow report files are automatically emailed in .csv format to enabled email recipients.
  • Communications – Modbus RTU, Modbus IP, Ethernet IP, BACnet, LonWorks, Metasys, and other BAS and SCADA protocols are supported, some are optional.
  • Internet and Email – Remote Access to screen controls with Internet connection.  Up to 20 separate alarm conditions (9 user definable) are email or texted to up to 6 recipients.  Data files are automatically emailed in .csv format if desired.
  • Backup/Restore function – All program set points and configuration settings are stored on an SD card making it possible to replace a failed controller without any user setup.   The configuration file can also be automatically emailed to any email recipient for safe keeping.
  • Sensors – Nearly any type of sensor can be connected Redundant sensors can be connected with user selection of manual/auto transfer and type of sensor.
  • Station Management – In addition to the PUMP Vision and MOTOR Vision alarms and files that are sent through the RTU, other important station conditions such as intrusion, generator status, power and UPS conditions, and more, can be monitored making this a complete pump station RTU system.
  • Diagnostic Screens – Help screens, I/O monitoring, screen saver, communication status, and many more make it easy to check on things.

The PUMP Vision Universal Pump Controllers offer connection to almost any type of network and the Internet.  Remote control is available through PC, iPhone, or Android, and connection to our full SCADA Vision software or your own SCADA system or BMS is possible.

When connected to one of our MOTOR Vision motor monitoring options, the PUMP Vision controllers monitor all motor electrical conditions and is able to notify the station operator of impending problems.

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