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Communication systems connected to PUMP Vision to remotely monitor system operating conditions

CM Controls specializes in the manufacture of lift station and booster station pump controls. We have more than 30 years experience in manufacturing digital level controllers. We now offer the ability to monitor pump and motor operating conditions and serve all data to event recording logs and to remote SCADA systems.

Our SCADA Vision software is optimized for lift station monitoring and control, with the ability to easily and cost effectively expand to handle any number of pump stations. It can also be expanded to include the monitoring of systems other than lift stations.

Remote Control App for Window 10, iOS, and Android

Free apps are available for Windows 10, Android, and iOS that allow the user to remotely log into the PUMP Vision controllers with a virtual connection to the pump station. All functions can be access through any PC or mobile device.

Overview screens are provided to easily monitor the entire system.  A map screen shows the location of each pump station, with an alarm indicator.  An overview screen shows all of the critical information such as level, pump run status, and alarm status.

SCADA Vision has an integrated voice dialer, email, and text message generator.  All critical alarms can be set to notify any number of people from a recipient call list, that is simple to maintain by authorized users.

A screen is provided for each pump station as shown at the top of this page. The station screens show level, pump status, duty status, alarm status, and event log.

The station screens also provide complete control of the pump station. Level set points are easily changed by dragging the setpoint pointer. Alternation mode can be changed. The pumps can be manually run, and if the station includes VFD pump control, the speed
of the pumps can be adjusted.

The SCADA Vision program has a comprehensive security system. An account is set up for each individual user and access to each function of the SCADA system can be enabled or disabled as needed.

A user must log into the system to do anything beyond simply viewing the data. Once logged in, all changes and activities performed are permanently logged into the event database. Event reports can be generated and printed.

Historical data viewers are available for each variable, including level, number of pumps running, amps, volts, VFD speed, and more.

The charts can be set for any time frame.  Multiple elements, as selected by the user, can be shown a one time.  The charts can also be printed and exported.

The Alarm Page provides event history for the entire system. All events, including alarms, setpoint change, user login, and more, are recorded forever in an encrypted file. The data can be sorted and filtered in many different ways.

The Report Generator outputs ad-hoc or scheduled reports to screen, printer, file, database or email, Excel or Excel templates. Water/Wastewater Reports such as daily total and derived flow, pump runtime discrepancy, and communication error summaries can also be generated.